Inspirapath Testimonials

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“I have more choice about my career, my passions, my family and that ultimately I am interested in making choices that support integration and balance.  I have had much success when I look back at my original goals.  I have created space for meaningful work. I appreciate how skillful you are at making connections and illuminating both progress and areas of growth.  You gave me a wide range of interesting work to investigate and draw inspiration from.  I appreciate how warm and engaging you are and how safe you made me feel.  Our work together has made such a drastic change in my life.  I am feeling so much more at ease and peace in my day to day.  The clarity of choice and freedom within a day, an hour, a moment has opened me up and lightened my mind.  I am so deeply grateful.” — Amy Schoneman, educator, mother and entrepreneur

“I felt truly seen and heard.  I felt accepted, encouraged and inspired.  My highest hopes of what life and relationships can be like were validated as possible.   I felt like I could show you conflicting thoughts and feelings and you were able to see the complexity.  Katie gave me exactly what I needed to become more of myself; she keyed into my deepest self.  My life has exploded with opportunity professionally, my relationships have become easier and closer and my vision of what is possible gives me peace and joy.” — Pamela Stone Taylor Melanson, Owner, Psyche Associates

“The way you were always so attentive and supportive made me feel really confident in myself.  Your enthusiasm kept me motivated and on track with accomplishing my goals.  I was at a point in my life where I did not know which direction to go and how I would get there and with your help and guidance, I now know.  I really feel that a lot is possible now.  I feel more confident, relaxed and peaceful.” — Lauren Gardner, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Fitness Supervisor

“Evolving, challenging myself and creating a more fulfilling life.  These are just a sampling of the benefits I have gained in working with Katie.  She has a true gift of coaching and guiding one with great patience and compassion; to improve in all aspect of one’s life.  I now have a clearer vision of what I want and have found a passion that drives me to excel.  I have had the good fortune over the years to have played within organized athletics and have been coached by former Olympians.  In her profession, Katie is without a doubt in the same league and there is unmatched value in working with Inspirapath.” — Brent Layng, Business Development and Sales Manager, International Sportsmen’s Expositions

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